ArthritisTotally, 13 recruiting international trials (phases I-II, II, III) for Arthritis (Rheumatoid arthritis – 9, Spondyloarthritis – 3, Osteoarthritis – 1) are conducted in Ukraine on 26 clinical sites located in 14 cities.

Among  the Ukrainian city leaders there are: Kyiv – 11, Vinnytsia – 11, Kharkiv – 10, Zaporizhia – 10 recruiting  clinical trials.

Clinical trials and sites for arthritis in UkraineUkraine holds  the 7thplace in CEE with 105 interventional clinical trials for arthritis totally: Rheumatoid arthritis – 89, Osteoarthritis – 7, Psoriatic – 4, Spondyloarthritis – 3 trials.

Clinical trials for arthritis in CEEThe clinical trials for arthritis involving children are counted to 285 totally in the world and the  40   of them are in recruiting status with the following distribution: Osteoarthritis – 17, Juvenile Idiopathic – 16, Rheumatoid – 5. So far, the current experience of Ukraine includes 2 completed Rheumatoid arthritis clinical trials, which were conducted mostly in 3 cities: Kyiv – 3, Kharkov – 1, Zaporizhia – 1 clinical site.

Clinical trials for arthritis involving children in CEE

In the world  588  arthritis (Rheumatoid – 206, Psoriatic – 17) interventional clinical trials are registered in recruiting status totally with the country leaders: the USA  –  220, Canada – 80, France – 71, the United Kingdom – 65, Germany – 62 clinical trials.

Clinical trials for arthritis in WorldTotally 14 registered stem cell clinical trials (phases I, I-II, II, II-III) for arthritis (Osteoarthritis – 10, Rheumatoid – 4; Psoriatic – 0) are regisered as the recruiting  now with the following locations: the USA – 5, China – 5, France – 1, Spain – 1, the Republic of Korea – 1, Taiwan – 1. The 2 from all  recruiting stem cell clinical trials  include children with osteoarthritis and are conducted in the USA and the Republic of Korea.


  • According to the statistics of the MoH of Ukraine, the Prevalence of Rheumatoid arthritis  was 115 515 patients (included over 49 420 people of working age), and the Incidence  – 4 069 new cases. Read more

Public medical organization

  • The Ukrainian Association of Rheumatologists is a member of  the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR). Read more

Standardization of medical care

  • The Order of MoH of Ukraine of 11.04.2014 № 263 “On approval of and implementation of medical and technological documents on standardization of medical care in Rheumatoid arthritis”. Read more
  • The Order of the MoH of Ukraine of 20.11.2015 № 762 “On approval and implementation of medical and technological documents on standardization of medical care in Psoriasis, including Psoriatic arthropathy”Read more

NB! The cities located on the non-controlled territories of Ukraine are not included in the statistics.

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