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Phase I clinical trials

The list of local requirements for clinical site conducting interventional clinical research trials in Ukraine, and Phase I clinical trials particularly, is stated in item 5.2 and 5.3 of The Procedure of conducting clinical trials and expertizing clinical trial materials (the Order of the MoH of Ukraine No. 690 dated Sep. 23, …

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Dental clinical trials

In the world, the total number of dental clinical research trials registered at ClinicalTrials.gov amounts to 1100 trials. The list of diseases includes but not limited to: dental caries – 338, dental pain – 156, dental pulp diseases – 118, dental plaque – 105, dental anxiety – 45, dental trauma …

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Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) continue to occupy a prominent place in the mortality of citizens of Ukraine (65.2%). In most cases the basis of their pathogenesis is atherosclerosis and atherothrombosis of blood vessels: ischemic heart disease (IHD) – 67.5%, cerebrovascular diseases – 21.8%. Read more. Clinical trials including adults /in adults, adults & …

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Bronchial asthma

The Incidence of bronchial asthma in Ukraine grew from 22.2 new cases per 100 thousand population in 2014 to the 23 in 2015. Correspondingly, the Prevalence grew from 489.4 patients per 100 thousand population in 2014 to the 489.8 in 2015. Read more. For comparison, the Prevalence of bronchial asthma in 2011 amounted to 515.9 patients per 100 thousand population. …

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In Ukraine, according to the latest statistical data from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (2012), there are approximately 100,000 patients registered with epilepsy, but this figure, taking into account the average global indicator of the prevalence of the disease, is likely understated. Read more Standardization of medical care The Order of …

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