Type(s) of service: Medical.

Director/Head: Oleksandr Karpenko, Md, PhD.

Contact person: Oleksandr Karpenko.

About Organization:

We are a private Multi-Specialty Investigative Site.

Our Primary Investigators and Co-Investigators have a good experience in conducting RCTs in accordance with the principles of Good Clinical Practice (some for over 15 years).

Our team also includes the skilled RNs, Coordinators, Administrators, Laboratory Technicians and other supporting personnel.

Address info

Address of Organization: 02091 Ukraine, Kyiv, 121 Kharkivske shose.

Tel.: +38 050 311-43-83, +38 044 564-66-82.

Website: http://okclinic.com.ua/.

E-mail: director@okclinic.com.ua.