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Quantity, Quality, Potential

Quantity, Quality, PotentialIt’s great to recognize that the most influential regulatory organizations as FDA and EMEA take care about proper patient pool execution. Nowadays the protocols are written considering all humane races worldwide. One of the most valid data is based on the Ukrainian patient pool. Its evidently glad and sad data: a huge potential for clinical industry and huge needs in modern medication in the country market in parallel. During the last 20 years, the local research market has developed impressively and collected excellent research experience, which should be properly presented to the sponsors all over the world showing development and attractive potential of Ukraine. As an individual, personally involved in numerous projects and activities, I would confirm, the quality of projects delivery in Ukrainian sites is always incomparably high. These facts should be taken into consideration by business developers and global teams: Ukraine should be in the core country list for successful delivery of projects in the future.

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