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Statistics of clinical trials in the CEE countries, 04.10.2017

Ischemic heart disease, Alcoholic hepatitis, Viral hepatitis, Epilepsy, Hemorrhagic stroke, Multiple myeloma, Breast cancer, Autism, Alcohol dependence, Cough, Scleroderma, Ovarian cancer. The actual clinical trial data (interventional clinical trials per disease) are presented for your review, comparison and estimation of the current activity and outlook for trial involvement of Ukraine …

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Viral hepatitis

The official statistics of viral hepatitis B in Ukraine, 2014-2015: the Prevalence of chronic hepatitis B – 0.2-0.3 patients per 1 000 children population; the Incidence of chronic hepatitis B – 0.83-0.79 cases per 100 000 children population; the Incidence of acute hepatitis B – 1.05–0.75 cases per 100 000 …

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